I started reading the CW Arrow comic panels on the CW Arrow official tumblr page. And, whats really interesting about CW's comic issues of Arrow is there are details that are not in the series. Allowing, the comic series to take shape on its own and capture the attention of full-time comic readers who haven't seen the series on television. << here is the Tumblr link with the Arrow comic panel

What's great about reading the comics for me, however not sure for anyone else is because I seem to know the characters in such a way by watching the series; by allowing freedom for those characters to act in imagination from the panels I have read, there seems to be more enjoyment and intrigue to what's going to be told. What else makes the reading of the comics as exciting as watching the series is the alterative and extra-extensions in story the comic issues provide; which could allow the writers of the show to take inspiration and form a sub-conclusion within the show to further prudentify the CW Arrow universe. I have mentioned the use of the comics as CW's promotional tool to attract and maintain the fans of Arrow in my document; and I am amazed by the possiblity of the comic series being its own appeal separate to the TV show.  

There is a new comic issue of Green Lantern, featuring a new Green Lantern Jessica Cruz:
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I, don't know the full details, however I believe she is being possessed by the power ring, as the power wanted to take revenge on the death of Power Ring: its owner; who was killed by Sinestro. CW Arrow could explore this for their episodes, by taking in account the concept of energy having a conciousness. CW Arrow could write that the green power core is being attracted to the discharge generated by the Particular Accelerator and this increase in plasmatic energy is causing havok to Starling City and Central City. If something like this ever is written and produced for CW, I think they will write to have the Suicide Squad saving the day, needing Team Arrow's help. This could be an interesting way to debut the Green Lantern Corp starting with Hal Jordan or John Stewart. If CW don't want to use this for their series, then they can use the story for their comic issue.