Hi again,

Found out something great after deleting a blog on Arrow characters and their developments; Superboy could end up being part of the cameo cast of Arrow; two reasons, appearance of Cadmus and rising fandom of Superboy on Tumblr. Although, their is no solid evidence that Superboy will appear on Arrow, I think that there is still a chance.

As, you might not know Superboy has been one of my favourite superheroes when I was in High School and with his re-creation in new 52 and his main casting in Young Justice, just made him cooler. These new incarations of the superhero has possibly given producers the creative impulsive to pursue the exploration of the character in CW's Arrow series and in the recently heard re-boot of the Young Justice animated series. 

It seems possible that if DC and Warner Brothers agrees there could be muiltple incarations of the same heroes. As, from my weak memory a producer from DC movies mentioned so, giving Batman as an example; noting that the Dark Knight trilogy as become a legacy and the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman.